porteau, water's gate: 2019

Porteau is Victoria Williams and Craig Stevenson; their collaboration grew out of happy coincidence, a shared love for their home of B.C., and an uncompromised musical vision. The foundation of their songs are built upon the voice and guitar. Ethereal vocals take center stage, supported by washes of looped and modulated guitar. With lyrics steeped in folklore, they use their surrounding West Coast landscape as a backdrop to explore and unearth stories of human nature.

The pair met in high school and instantly forged a relationship.  Having both grown up playing music, they were eager to collaborate artistically and find a unified voice. Countless high school evenings playing along to favourite artists like Bon Iver, Vashti Bunyan, Arcade Fire, and Aidan Knight were the genesis of what is now Porteau. After high school, they wound up attending music school’s in different provinces. After two years of long distance the couple reunited in Montreal, with Craig joining Victoria at Concordia University’s music program. During this time, they were independently writing and exploring their own sounds, hopeful for a confluence of ideas to one day occur.

Once back in Vancouver, the duo began to piece together the sounds they had been cultivating independently. Quickly, songs began to form and a record revealed itself. They are currently in the process of recording their debut album, Water’s Gate, a thematic collection of songs. Using Mother Nature and ancient mythology as a reflection and declaration of personal experience, Porteau weaves together a story of struggle, hope, and ultimately, liberation . Filled with musical contributions of longtime friends, their presence adds new layers, and with their help, Porteau’s vision of a lush and diverse instrumentation is achieved. Fusing their background in jazz with folk music, electronic elements and open soundscapes, the sound is intimate yet expansive, carving a wave into their own unmapped styling.

With their album release set for 2019 Porteau is currently playing to audiences in British Columbia experimenting with their live performance as a duo, trio, and full band. They’ve played intimate studio shows, summer festivals, and local Vancouver venues. Eager to continue sharing their music, they will be spending time on the road this year and next to promote and showcase Water’s Gate.